Burning on the fly

i’m using a 811s try to burn on the fly with nero 6.3 every time i try to burn on the fly, error message comes up" cannot copy disc to dvd"

any ideas of what the problem could be???

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any ideas of what the problem could be???
The source DVD must be transcoded if its size bigger than the destionation DVD±R(W)
or/and decrypted if it’s CSS protected.

For more info pls goto > Transcoding Software Forum

it’s a dvd that is already been copied

Hmm, if I remember right, even some “copied” DVDs are protected against re-copying.
Example = dvdxcopy (321Studios).

Someone, correct me please, if I´m wrong…


You are correct about dvdxcopy. It adds copy protection to the backup.

Copying DVD’s on the fly is always tricky buisness and I wouldn’t recommend it myself, but I’m a worry wart and don’t mind spending a few extra minutes ripping to HD first.

a friend of mine was able to take the same dvd home and copy on the fly no prob’s


Are you using Nero??
Look here:http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=85056&highlight=DVD+on+the+fly

yeah i’m using nero 6.3

thanx for the thread

No problemo! Glad to help.
You must master the search box young grasshopper.
It is infinitely useful :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

I use a 811 and a 2500 with Nero and a AMD xp 1533 with a gig and I can copy on the fly just fine at 8x using a 166 as the ripper. If the disk is small enough and it’s not protected or you’ve taken care of that it works as long as the disk is clean and a pressed disk.
The burners don’t start at 8x so the reader can keep up fine, at least my 166 can. If the disk is beat up or your extra carefull run it to the Hard drive first.
You have to have DMA enabled and all that but it does work.

Dartman you using Nero 6.3 or a 5.10.X version?

6.3, haven’t upgraded to the newest yet.

sys setup:
811s second master
411s second slave

nero v6.3.0.3

copies fine for me. i have all of the caching deselected so maybe that is all that is needed

ok i tried that, still the same thing