Burning on the FLY question?



Im a newbie so please excuse my ignorance:confused:

I have a combo 52x DVD Rom, and under it a new, Pioneer DVR-109, which is all I have used over the last few weeks for backups Ive been doing. (saving to hard drive 1st)

I tried to burn in one step using the dvd rom for the original disc, and the copy in the 109, but the dvd rom seems to go fast then slow etc etc :rolleyes: Am I doing something wrong or is this the wrong equipment to burn direct in one step?

Hope you dont think Im TOO stupid!:confused:


If reader and burner share the same IDE channel, this create a slowing of data flux between reader and burner.

On the fly copy is possible only if reader and burner are on different IDE channels.

Another possibility is that 1:1 copy is not possible because source disc is bigger than destination, so is necessary compression of the movie. Even with big CPU power, this operation is not possible on the fly, because video compression require many time.


@ rapallo,

Can you provide the Manufacturer/Model Number/Firmware Version of your DVD-ROM?

You can use DVDInfo Pro (http://www.dvdinfopro.com) or similar utility software program to obtain the Manufacturer/Model Number/Firmware Version of your DVD-ROM.

Also could you provide information on which DVDs in particular your DVD-ROM produces this phenomenon of speeding up and slowing down? In some instances this speeding up/slowing down behavior might be normal. This behavior might be explained by the fact the DVD being read in your DVD-ROM is a dual layer DVD and it is the “Layer-Break” being read during this speed up/slowing down. It might also be the decryption copy protection scheme that AnyDVD is working on to break/crack during these speeding up/slowing down periods.

Forum Member geno888 mentions IDE Channels. Ideally your Hard Drive should be on your Primary IDE Channel and your DVD-ROM should be on your Secondary Channel. You can check this by using Nero Info Tool (http://www.cdspeed2000.com/files/NeroInfoTool_301.zip) or similar utility software program.

If your computer has a large enough Hard Drive, sufficient CPU power, and configured properly the procedure you are using should not pose any problems.

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rapallo, how did the copy turn out? You didn’t say if it failed or not.


OMG this is all too technical for me Im sorry I dont understand all this.
I bought all my gear in March 2004 from my PC technician and just listened to what he suggested. Acer P4 2.6 40GB HDD, 256MB RAM, CDRW/DVD-ROM, Windows XPPro. I recently added the Pioneer DVR-109 writer. Cant find more details for you of the dvd rom, just quoting from the invoice.
I will try another backup this way and report back.
I always stopped it half way through as the strange noises were a bit of a worry, but maybe thats ok as you say.
ty for your interest.


I always stopped it half way through as I was afraid it maybe doing damage.
Will try again now and run it to the end.
Will report back soon.


Well I have tried it again…
This time I made a copy of a copy and it seemed to make a lot less noise than before, maybe this is what bjkg was talking about? Took 33mins to complete the lot in one go. This way it means nothing goes to the hard drive am I right, so nothing needs deleting?

I will try to make a backup now of an original dvd on the fly and see how it goes. Will report my results. Maybe the system is ok the way it is, just makes lots of very strange noises when running this way to backing up on the hard drive? Anyway as long as the end result is ok I can live with strange noises! It always sounded if it was running fast, then slow, then maybe stopping then fast again etc etc??


@ rapallo,

Please, This stuff isn’t that difficult.

Re-read my initial posting and visit the links I provided for DVDInfo Pro and Nero Info Tool.

Using DVDInfo Pro is easy to use and will provide the Manufacturer/Model Number/Firmware Version of your DVD-ROM. Just install DVDInfo Pro and open the program and it will tell you the Manufacturer/Model Number/Firmware Version of your DVD-ROM. It’s that simple.

Pleases provide the your DVD-ROM Manufacturer/Model Number/Firmware Version. It might be that we need to install a newer firmware for your DVD-ROM. If so we’ll walk you through the procedure but first we need to know your DVD-ROM Manufacturer/Model Number/Firmware Version.

Using Nero Info Tool is easy to use and will provide information concerning your IDE Channels. Just install Nero Info Tool and open it up and click on “Configuration” Icon and it will display all your IDE channels and tell you what’s connected to what. It’s that simple.

Also we need to check a setting in AnyDVD which concerns drive speed. Open AnyDVD and on the Opening Page look on the top menu bar and click on “Drive”. On the Drive page that appears look under “Speed” and un-check “Enable Speed Control”. This will slow down the speed of you DVD-ROM. Also look around on that page and look and at all the drop down menus choices and you will see that you can control how fast you drives will run. If you have these settings set to “Fast & Noisy” your drive will be noisy. I have a Lite-On DVD-ROM and if I set to Fast & Noisy it sounds like it’s going to blow up.

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Thanks bjkg for being so patient with me…
Done the dvd info part and looks like my dvd rom doesnt support dual layer have a look at the result in the attachment and tell me your thoughts?


@ rapallo,

Sorry but it appears that your graphic image fails to appear. If you cannot get the image to appear just post in plain text the Manufacture Name, Model Number, and current Firmware version. From that information we will be able to figure out what’s going on with your DVD-ROM.

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Thats strange as I see it on my pages here?

Anyway this is what I read

Extra info - 031218OPEN07016115
Firmware Revision 1.01

Hope that helps you
ty bjkg


Try this one


@ rapallo,

I checked on The Firmware Page (http://forum.rpc1.org/portal.php) and your Aopen Com5224/AAH firmware version 1.01 is the most up to date firmware available.

You might be interested in couple of postings I found concerning the Aopen Com5224/AAH.



If you are really into backing up DVDs you might want to consider getting a known good “Ripper” DVD-ROM similar to the Lite-On DVD ROM and replace your Aopen Com5224/AAH. NewEgg (http://www.newegg.com) has them for about 25 bucks. Your Pioneer DVR-109 is an excellent Burner that will burn DVDs as well as CDs and a Lite-On DVD-ROM or similar will read DVDs and CDs.

Perchance did you check your AnyDVD “Speed Control” settings as suggested in my posting #8 in this thread.

PS- The graphic in your posting #12 is visible.

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Thanks bjkg for all your help I will look into that other Rom you suggest.
You always come to my rescue, wish I had your head on my shoulders:doh:

Anydvd speed controls all set on default settings. Is that best?


Ive read all the threads you sent me about my AOPEN Rom and sounds like its just no good!
Ive looked into the site I buy my gear from, and they dont sell any Liteon Roms. Is it too much to ask you to check that site and recommend a suitable replacement for me? Of course at a time that may suit you. Thanks bjkg:)


@ rapallo,

Concerning AnyDVD “Speed Control” settings. Since you are commenting about the noise emitting from your Aopen COM5224/AAH, I would suggest un-checking (disable) “Enable Speed Control”. I really don’t know if there is much difference between disabling “Speed Control” or checking the “Enable Speed Control” box and selecting the default setting.

If you are unaware Lite-On drives are noted for being good “Rippers”. There are other DVD-ROMs that are good Rippers but through the years I have been pleased with the Lite-On’s for there outstanding Ripping performance and have stuck with them and I am unfamiliar with other manufactures products. I am sorry but I would be extremely hesitant to recommend a product that I was unaware of.

I would suggest visiting the CD Freaks Optical Drives Forum (http://club.cdfreaks.com/forumdisplay.php?f=61) and enquire there about a good reliable DVD-ROM.

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Just found this dvd rom.

Lite On SOHC 5236k CD writer, 52r/52w/32w/16dvd internal,ide $72 NZ.
Dont know what any of the numbers mean but hopefully bjkg might have some answer for me???:rolleyes:


The numbers show how fast it reads & writes. For cds it’s 52x read/52x write/32x rewrite.The 16x is DVD read speed. That should be a good replacement drive for you.


@ rapallo,

That particular Lite-On Drive is a Combo Drive (CD Bruner/DVD-ROM). Since you have a Pioneer DVR-109, which is a CD and a DVD Burner, you really don’t need a Combo Drive to replace your Aopen Com5224/AAH. I personally have never cared too much for a Combo Drive. With a Combo Drive you have the added problem of a “write head” mass moving all the time when all you need is a “read head” moving which less mass to be moving all the time. In the long run a DVD-ROM will last longer than a Combo drive. You just need a DVD-ROM for a DVD Reader/Ripper to replace your Aopen Com5224/AAH. Suggest finding a source in your neck of the woods that has a Lite-On SOHD-167T DVD-ROM or a SOHD-19P9S DVD-ROM. Either one of these DVD-ROMs are excellent DVD Readers/Rippers. Just a reminder a DVD-ROM will read DVDs and CDs.

I notice that KowteQ Computer Solutions Christchurch NZ list Lite-On SOHD-167T DVD-ROM

I notice that Centronics Computers (http://www.centronics.co.nz) Auckland NZ lists a Lite-On SOHD-167T DVD-ROM.

Best Regards,


Thank you so much for taking the time to help me bjkg, I often look to you for all my HELP:bow:

I will buy the Lite on frm Auckland as that is where I live. I see they are very inexpensive too!:slight_smile:

Just tell me will it still do all the things that my Aopen does as well?

ty in advance;)