Burning on a maxwell dvd-r

[qanda]This thread is about the Toshiba SD-R5112. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]I’m trying burned movies my husband has saved on his laptop and I don’t know what to do. I know he has burned some cd’s and some movies on a memorex cd-r disk. What do I do It seems like I missing something simple I don’t know. It is a laptop Compaq Pesario R300. It is using Windows XP.
The Dvd-Rom is a Toshiba SD-R2512 it came with it.
Help to find out what to do . :confused: Thank You

What burning app are you using? What speed?
Just noticed the maxwell discs, actually they’re not very reliable
For burning DVD flicks,I /most will recommend IMGburn…And Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden media…

well he usually just go into his folder with the movies or music and click copy to cd. But it wont play the movies on his playstation2. I don’t know the speed but I tried the dvix program that is up here and it took so long to convert the avi. but I’m not sure if I even did it right. I’m still learning. I not sure where to find the speed.

Thanks for replying.

Use FAVC, ConvertxtoDVD, or DVDFlick, to convert your avi to DVD,if that is your goal…

But to be clear, are you trying to copy/burn an avi file on a CD disc,or to a DVD disc?

I’m trying to copy it onto a dvd disk so that I can look at it on the playstation2.

Ok,but is the movie you’re trying to burn in DVD format already, or is it an avi file…If avi,then any of the apps I posted should work for the conversion to DVD…

They are mostly avi. and movi files.

I don’t know about the PS2, but if it plays AVIs from Cd disc,then it most likely will play from DVD disc…So burn your avi files as DATA disc, and try it…No need for converting…But again I’m not sure about the PS2s playback formats…

The specs on that drive say it only writes to -R dvds, and its top speed is 4x. Compatible disks might be fun to try to find.

I’m somewhat at a loss on what to recommend for burning with this drive. What do you think t0nee1? Verbatim 8x -R at Best Buy perhaps? They still have some of the Movie Reel disks there I believe.

Hey Kerry, yeah I’d definitely try em out, if it was me…The OP is trying to burn an avi file to DVD and view with PS2, so looks like trial and error,unless someone else with a PS2 will jump in …

Thank you for the advice I downloaded the convertxdvd and it converted but did not read the maxwell dvd-r disk what to do now?:confused::frowning: Ok so I guess the obvious the naxwelldisk isn;t compatible with this player so try the verbatim 8x -r. The memorex cd-r works but don’t play on playstation2. I do thankyou all for the advice to a newbie.

Did you actually get the program to burn to the Maxell disks? And it isn’t being read in the PS2? Is that correct?
Or is it simply not burning to the Maxell’s?

Did the movie get converted correctly? Does it play in the computer, either off the disk or from the hard drive? Use VLC media player to test. www.videolan.org