Burning on 90 or 99mn CD-R with NEC-3540

Hello :frowning:

I cant burn on 90 or 99mn CD-R with my new NEC-3540 :frowning:
I had no problem with my old BTC CD burner 3212IM.

Is there any plan fron NEC to provide a fw to make its burner
work with these disks ?


Hi Joel,

From NEC’s website:

All NEC writers are designed to produce the best possible CD writing results. This means that NEC writers adhere exactly to any blank CD specifications and test the media used. 80 minute blank CDs stretch the specifications to their limit and are still acceptable. 90 or 99 minute CDs do not adhere to the specifications and are therefore not supported.

This also applies to the overburning function. There is no firmware available to change this. Tolerance threshold for the following models DvD burner ND-series as soon as CD writer NR-9x00 series should be able to burn 90 min medias, but without guarantee.