Burning Ogg files as audio cds on Nero6

Is that possible? I downloaded an ogg vorbis Nero Audio plugin and put it correctly into the Nero 6 audio plugin directory… however I don’t know what to do afterwards.

Whenever I try to ask Nero to burn an audio cd with ogg files, I get a message that the file format is not supported, can somebody explain this to me? Is there something else I need to do first?

Just tested it in Nero, and it worked fine. Please see http://neroplugins.cd-rw.org for more help and for good plugins.

P.S.: An alternative might be to decode the files first.

I already did every single thing that website has told me to do. Still nothing. :frowning:

Just to make sure: You placed the plugins in the correct folder? Mind the difference between v5.5 and v6.3 of Nero.

I put the plugin into the audioplugins director OF the ahead directory. The ahead directory is not really part of the common files directory itself (simply the program files directory), but the plugin is in the directory of the ahead directory that is named AUDIOPLUGINS, as the site said to do.

\Program Files\Common Files\Ahead\AudioPlugins or (German)
\Programme\Gemeinsame Dateien\Ahead\AudioPlugins

That’s where it has to go for Nero 6 according to the neroplugins site.

if it doesn’t work, you might try Burrrn
i love it myself


Burrrn is a little tool for burrrning audio CDs with CD-Text from various audio files. Supported formats are: wav, mp3, mpc, ogg, aac, mp4, ape, flac, ofr, wv, m3u, pls and fpl playlists and cue sheets. You can also burrrn EAC’s noncompliant image + cue sheets! Burrrn can read all types of tags from all these formats (including ape tags in mp3). Burrrn uses cdrdao.exe for burrrning

Alright, I’m using the burrrn program, and it keeps saying that the device is not ready… what does that mean? Apparently I can’t get that to work either when I’m burning oggs. :frowning:

Burrn need cdrdao.exe. Search for the string on the net to download the file from some server.

Alright, I got burrrn to work for me, thanks guys! :slight_smile:


cdrdao.exe is included in the package and so are all the codecs needed

I’ve just tested – the same here. Maybe one of the drivers is blocking the device …