Burning "Offset" Corrected

I am looking at burning software that will burn “offset” corrected.
Basically I have been ripping with the writing offset added onto the read offset, so when I burn I get a proper copy with offsets set.

This is now an issue as I have a new burner with diffrent write offsets

What I want to do now, is to have all my cd’s read offset corrected without the write offset added, so that the original rips are 100% corrected.

Now what I need is a program, that when I burn, I can enter the write “offset” somewhere in the program so that it burns with 100% corrected offsets.

I am using my Plextor PX-712A.

I know EAC can burn “offset” corrected, but it’s a horribile program to work with when it comes to burning discs.

Can NERO write offset corrected? If not what other programs are there?

Cheers and Thanks,

P.S Please don’t tell me, not to worry about offsets, i want to!

I’m afraid your only choice (AFAIK) is EAC. It’s not really that hard, once you get used to it, but I agree that it is in some regards less than optimal.

Plextools Pro utility of course does offset correction automatically for Plextor drives, but you can’t adjust the offset manually.

There are no other programs that do offset correction to the accuracy of samples/bits (that I know of).