Burning office 97 pro backup cd

I am trying to backup a copy of office 97 pro ( i have clean m$ original). Apparently it was created with LOTS of bad sectors (over 1000) tried cdrwin but it took forever. Has anyone done this already and knows a good way? I need to know what to modes to use. My burner is a Plextor 1210A. Thanks :cool:

Just set errors to ignore & read retry 0.

Alternatively use nero, blind suite, or better still clone cd.

If you are getting errors reading an Office 97 pro cd then it can only be due to the cd being that badly damaged it is useless.

Usually M$ didnt used to copy protect their cd’s. Well at least the application cds, but the game cd’s they do, so Id have to agree with Black Diamond on this one.

Try clonecd, and of course nero

There are programs that are able to recover data from damaged cds.

Blindread or CloneCD are able to read damaged cds reasonable, but I believe there is another program I saw mentioned somewhere on this forum…but I can’t think of the name unfortunately…

Well… looks like the bad cd theory is the winner. Turns out a non- essential directory was the victim, so that even when doing full installs I never detected the problem. By avoiding the bad directory I was successful.

Since I have never had trouble w/ any othe M$ cds like office2k or win98 it doesn’t make sense that an earlier product has more protection. Thanks for the assist.

Would like the name of data recovery product tho…