Burning of RITEKG04's

I was reading the media tests of the RITEKG04’s… and it seems like everyone is burning at 4x for these media.

I was wondering if burning at 4x is better for these G04’s?

I was burning a movie on my RITEKG04 with LG GSA-4160B FW: A303.
Burning the movie at 2x and I noticed pixelation a bit on one scene of the movie, so will 4x be smooth for the whole movie?

I’m burning these on the Ridata RITEKG04 DVD-R

or makes no difference?


Well i burn games at X4 on G04s mainly because the ps2 gave me grief when burning them at X2 or X1. Games burnt at X2 or X4 work fine for me on the xbox.I burn all games at X4 now.The films ive burnt at X2 seem fine aswell.When backing up files as data discs i burn them at X2 and they are fine.

Im using a Pioneer A05 though.Ridisc G04s seemed better at X2 for films but Traxdata(which i use now as i found somewhere that sells them now after svp stopped selling them) and the Ritek Brand Purple tops (cant get these ones anymore it seems). Worked fine Burnt at X4 for films.

My DVD Player can be very picky though.

Hi :slight_smile:

“and I noticed pixelation a bit on one scene of the movie”

Personnaly (but don’t take it for granted…) I think it’s pure myth to think that burning speed has anything to do with pixelation.

Bad burns will produce reading errors (block noise, freezing, skipping) but pixelation is IMO an issue with compression, not burning.

Pixelation and block noise are visually similar but rather different in magnitude. And as you mention it as being “slight”, I’m sure it’s not block noise you’re experiencing…

The pixelation may even have been present on the original media (or broadcast). Have you checked?

It’s rather frequent from poor transferts, actually. I just finished copying some Buffy episodes from Season 3 and they’re visually awful. I though it was an issue with the Shrink process, but then I took a look at the original DVDs and… discovered that all the flaws were there right from the start!!! LOL :Z

Oh I use the same Ridiscs G04 as Yoda, and burn them at 4x on my Pioneer 109 with Decrypter, playback is fine on both my standalone players (an old Pioneer DV-535 and a JVC DR-M10).

Cheers :slight_smile:

As Francksoy said pixelation could be caused due to a bad transfer on the original film, it can also be caused be you compressing/shrinking it down too much or using a bitrate thats too low when re-encoding.

If a picture breaks up because player does’nt like how fast the disc was burnt or the disc has errors the picture actually breaks up or freeze’s.

Yep, that’s what I called “block noise”: you know, when parts of the image suddenly turn into HUGE square blocks… it’s often a sign that the playback is going to freeze sooner or later… :eek:

I hate when this happens in the middle of a great movie :a