Burning of 2 movie files into one DVD and play on a normal DVD player

Hi guys, I have a problem here. I tried to burn 2 movie VOB files in one DVD and these are the following steps that I took:

nero recode
-> remake a DVD
-> import title

And i get struck cos when i tried to import one of the VOB files over, nero shows nothing in the folder where my VOB file was. Could it be because the folder has just one VOB and 2 .sub files with no menu, so it doesnt recognise the file? or did I select the wrong method to begin with by selecting “remake a DVD”? The other movie folder could be imported sucessfully though, which brings me to the 2nd question:

could anyone enlighten me on how to switch between 2 menus or how to create a menu using nero? Im totally lost in this aspect. And if one movie has menus and one doesnt, what would be the final result be when I play the DVD on a normal DVD player?

My nero software is NERo 6 SE.

Thanks in advance!

Just remember by doing this you are compromising the burnt quality of your video.

oh the 2 files are 2 gigs each so the quality wont be compromised, wont it?