Burning numerous albums to a cd?

Could some one please tell me how i burn numerous albums to a single cd?..My friend gave me a cd with about 6 albums on it and was wondering how it is done???

Any help much appreciated thankyou!

You can use DietMP3 to shrink the files, then burn with whatever you wish;

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In the original uncompressed audio format it’s impossible to put 6 albums on 1 CD. There are many compressed formats though, that allow you to do this. But beware, the bigger the compression, the lesser the quality (with the exception of some lossless codecs). Mp3 is the most common compression format, and you can create mp3 CDs that play back as though they were Audio CDs, except that there’s more music on them. So most likely the CD your friend gave you is an mp3 CD.

thanx for ur replies!..ok if it is an mp3 cd am i able to play the cd on a hi-fi system cd player ?

just looked at the files on the disc and they are wav format but wen i try to convert the files to wav it ends up much bigger than the original mp3 file confusing to say the least

It depends on wether the CD player supports it.

It seems there are compressed wav formats as well, but I don’t really know about them.

Anyway, here’s what I found with google, if I understand correctly what you want, this should get you there:


But if you have mp3 files in the first place then the mentioned mp3 CD creation still works.

ok thanx v much for your help intx, have managed to burn 6 albums to one disc as an mp3 disc and plays on my hi-fi, with good quality :), Cheers mate!