Burning Ntflix DVD DL to DVD+R DL (dual layer)

Hey all, I’m a complete newbie. I tried to burn a DVD I OWN, “Once Upon a Time in America” with almost everything. I tried AnyDVD, Nero 7, CloneDVD, DVD Decrypter (DVD->ISO->DVD DL), DVD Shrink (No compression, DVD-9), and none of them worked PERFECTLY.

The burned DVD would always play almost half way through the standalone DVD players, and just JAM or LOCK. But it plays fine on my computer. I suspect it’s something to do with the layer break, but have no idea how to modify layer breaks or anything. Not even really sure what the damn layer breaks are.

Heard about how u can use PGCEdit or IFOEdit, but I have no idea how those damn things work. I burned about 7 failed DVD+R DL already, so I really really really need someone’s expertise. HELP ME!!!

No one is going to help you with this problem as you’ve stated it. Copying rented dvds is not legal and cannot be discussed on these forums. You also shouldn’t cross post—in other words, putting the same message in more than one spot in the forums.

Read the rules. Come back and talk to us once you have.


Locked for piracy. Read the forum rules.