Burning NRI compilation with nerocmd


I make a compilation with nero and saved it as “test.nri”
I’m trying to burn it again using neroCmd with theses parameters

–write ;
–tao ;
–drivename g ;
–image “D: est.nri” ;

It doesn’t work. Please help me. I think the problem is : the nri file isn’t a cd image but a compilation.

Yes, exactly. The image must have an *.iso extension.

–real --disable_eject --close_session --drivename e --write --image c: est.nrg

Don’t make a nri make an nrg, No quotes around the file name. Use disc at once

If you need to make a compilation on the fly let me know, I can walk you through it.

plus, check out the syntax for the above commands, I don’t have the pdf with me right now.

Thanks for all,

but I try to burn all the contens of a directory. If I use a image file image.nrg, it’s is not updated when the files to burn are modified.
I found a solution using --recursive instructions which allow to burn all the contents of a directory (excepted empty directories)

I use the following instructions and I works

–write ;
–real ;
–drivename g ;
–iso MY_VOLUME_NAME D:\my directory*.* ;
–recursive ;
–speed 4 ; If I don’t specify this speed the burning process fail.