Burning not Burning ! Help please

Hello Yall.

My cd-r drive was working perfect , but from one day it start hangin when i try to burn.

I tried to re-install windows but didint help.

2 problems been hapening , or Nero give me an error said I should not continues error cuz an error happened or it start burning but hangs at 6% or 9 % ususaly…

If someone could help me ! I would appreciate.

cd-r = Teac W540E
windows XP pro
abit kd7-r mobo

The cd-r is on the secondary master.

Thanks !

First off,reboot a couple of times,to see if it 's just a fluke.(this happened to me,and after a few times,things were back to normal). Then go to [http://forum.rpc1.org/dl_firmware.php?category=4&manufactor=30](this page) and check to see if your firmware can/can’t be updated. Most of the time,you may get a bad disc,but other times the situation can be more serious. Check ALL possibilities,and Good Luck…

Hi ,

Ruffrob , thanks for the help. I already tried to reboot some times , I even tried to remove the drive for some time and nothing. My drive is already using the latest firmware (1.0 H) and was working perfect with this revision.
Already tried with lots of different disks.

I think it is hardware , but is someone already saw this problem and know the solution.
I e-mailed the tech support at Teac , hope they will awnser me.

thanks ,

Well you could try a lot of things, such as just unistalling then reinstalling the driver. I did that for mine and it started working again. Another thing would be to try older firmware, the newer ones aren’t always the best. Try checking the cables too. Another thing, can it read CDs and not burn, or just not work at all.

Hi ,
Already tried to reinstall the driver.
They just release a New firmware this week I think (1.0k) updated to it , but was no go !
Cable are okay , tryied with 2 different cables.
Yes , it can red cd`s. Just stop at 8 % or 6 % when burning.