Burning Nightmare!

Hi im hoping some1 can help me i have just reinstalled windows and when it has come to setting up the burners nothing is working. I have a light on DVD RW model LDW-811s theis wont read any disks at all although everything is saying its working fine.Whats worse is my other drive a Freecom32A CDR/RW now plays up and wont let me burn anything.
Ive used various software Nero 6 & 7 also roxio 6 and the windows buring sofware and nothing works im getting differant errors depending on what sofware i use. With Nero 7 its saying Session Fixation Error and i have looked into this with no joy. Using Roxio its saying E80041822: Disk error Power Calibration area error [03/73/03]…E80041934 Track Write Error Flush Failed [T7127]…E80041925 Track Write Error Comand Rety Failed [T7118]
Beleve me its driving me nuts and i realy dont want 2 go buy a new drive unless i realy have 2 Can any1 help???
Also i need it explaining in plain english as im a bit of a novice and some things ive read on here dont make a great deal of sence to me…Thanks guys

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To be sure that is not a hardware failure of your burners, the easiest way is to install these drives on another computer. If drives works correctly on another computer, then is something in your windows installation that create problems. Maybe re-install anything again can solve.

Seeing as you JUST reinstalled windows, I would guess it’s likely a driver issue. Possibly your aspii driver/version. Try removing the devices completely, including the ide’s in hardware manager, and then reboot and allow windows to redetect the devices.

I vote for updating drivers especially with two burners goning out. I recently updated drivers and clicked to allow Windows to search the internet for the most recent ones. Worth a try.

Hi guys…thanks 4 all your help…after this doin my nut for 3 days ive worked it all out i tryed everything all u suggested and even went and brought a new IDE cable…nothing worked so i went and got the besk blank disks around payed the extra and u know what that was all it was i was trying to use cheap thin disks so i will be returing the crap 1s bk 2 the store 2morrow…all working now and i feel great but hey thanks 4 all your help guys

cheap means that cheap

Sorry you had to learn the hard way about buying cheap.

Problems of some kind of another taught a lot of us here the same thing