Burning Newbie that has questions

I’m not new to burning cd’s but i am new to using advanced features to bypass copy protection…i’ve been trying to make a valid image of my Sims 2 Disk1. I’ve tried enabling the option that emulates bad sectors for safedisc and i’ve also read using the Safedisc2/3 option. While reading it gives all these “Read data examination error”…does this mean it’s not working or what? I NEED HELP!

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Just let the program continue, they are suppose to be there, it’s what makes the protection up. A good tutorial is here

Hi LionElJonson and welcome to the forums,

Read errors at the start of the cd are normal for SafeDisc protected titles. There should be literally a block of them. Ignore them as they are totally normal. Just make sure that no other physical errors come up on the CD when it is reading normally after the bad blocks.


Hey guys thanks for answering my questions…my other question is do i have to use any other programs like Beta Blocker or something like that to get around the copy protection? The reason i ask is b/c the copy i made of the original cd works perfectly for my system but not for my friends.

BetaBlocker will only work upto sd 2.51 and so is useless with Sims 2 protection. However if you played the backup in a burner on your friend’s pc, if there is no hide ATIP software, the copy will not work. Or your friend’s cd/dvd drive might be more picky than yours. Copies rarely work in all drives.

what is ATIP software?

Hides the fact that a cd-r disc is in the drive, thus showning the copy to be a backup. A cd/dvd burner can read this info, a non-burner cannot, so this option only needed for burners. Alcohol 120% and CloneCD have options to hide the ATIP info:

Alcohol’s is called “ignore media type” (in emulation menu)
CloneCD’s is called “hide cdr media” (on taskbar when CCD is active)

I’ve heard that the hide media info doesn’t work on NT based Operating Systems…i’m running 2k will it still work?

What burning software do you have? Isn’t WinXP NT based…i need hide media info and it works ok.

I have the newest version of alcohol 120% and Clonecd so i can use either softwares version of hide media info if i can. WINXP and WIN2K are both NT based.

Use alcohol’s hide media function, as CloneCD’s is prone to blacklisting…unless you need its emulation function, disable the CloneCD hide media option.

Do i have to leave alcohol running for it to work?

No, alcohol doesn’t need to be running for the function to work, just tick the check-box. Can you remember what drive you used to test the backup on your friend’s pc?

He tried it in both his DVD Writer and I think a regular cdrom…not entirely sure about the latter. Although he DID install the game using the DVD version and he tried running it with a cd…so maybe that’s part of the reason.

Could well be… :iagree:

Okay new problem, the copy that works on my computer just fine will not work on my Fiance’s computer. She has the EXACT same system and everything as me and i downloaded the newest version of alcohol and enabled the option to hide media. It thinks for a very long time then gives me an application error…any ideas? She is using the same version of Sims 2 as I am.

Another comment i have is that with my CDRW, it takes FOREVER to read my Sims 2 disk 1. I mean it literally took 30 minutes to read 7% of it…so i tried my cdrom and it reads very fast even on 4X…should i be using my cdrw to read or does it matter?