Burning music

hi guys iam having a problem with my cd burner i have burn a lot of my cds before i like using clone cd but i have used others media player even roxio with no problems in the past. I like using clone cd its quick and easy recently iam have trouble trying to burn from one music cd to a blank disk even old cds that i have burned before it will get a 1/3 of it done maybe more or less then it fails write error or disk error i have even tried diff disk from diff mgf and still no go same errors pop up even tried copy from disk to a file then burning that to a disk no good that way either.I can format the disk then drag and drop that works fine I don’t think the problem is with the burner itself it checks out as working properly three diff burning programs can’t be the problem either it almost acts like a virus or something i get all my updates for xp and have virus protection iam just stumped i can’t think of any thing that is causing me not to burn from one disk to another since it has been working fine all these past years thanks for any help you guys can give me.

Follow this link here: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=101616
in the past somehow my drive had switched to pio mode (i think its a winXP issue) this causes the drive transfer rate to go down and if you try to burn too fast you get errors and wasted discs. Thats what made me stop doing cd to cd burns and always copy to hd first. The transfer rate for your hd is faster and more consistent so its always best to copy to hd then burn. Using drag and drop may be working because the transfer rate doesnt have to be as high as cd to cd. If your setting is pio mode follow the guide and hopefully that fixes the problem.

thanks i will try that and see and friend said that maybe the burner is getting to hot after a few minutes and its going bad but i will try that first again thanks for your help

it was set to dma thanks again let me know if you have any more ideas