Burning Music to DVD on older PC's

I’m thinking of getting a dvd burner for my PC to store all my music on DVD’s instead of CD’s or hard drive.

The only problem is my machine is under the minimum specs for dvd burners. The processor is a 350 MHz AMD whereas the dvd specs of the burner recommends 1.4 GHz.

Has anyone tried burning DVD’s using a slow machine? I’m wondering whether it will just be slow, which I can live with, or produce faulty recordings.


The 1.4 GHz spec is there for DVD-video playback mainly. Burning discs doesn’t require much CPU-power, more important is the data transfer rate of your hard disk. It has to keep up with the burner. If you run a clean system and don’t need 16x dvd-burning, you should be OK.

Thanks Cressida. I’ll give it a go.

OK. One thing you’d be best to avoid is “on the fly” encoding/decoding of your music, for example burning an audio CD directly from MP3 files. Again, for straightforward back-up purposes of music files to DVD, it should work.