Burning music to cd converting wav to cda

Hi I am new to this and hoping I have done this correct sorry if I havent. I have some music but they are in all different files the first was flac and i converted it to wav file thinking that was the thing to do but looks like it’s not! I am wanting to put it on a cd to listen in car or cd player and have no idea how to convert from wav to the cda so any help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

thanks in advance :slight_smile:


I’ve never tried burning mixed file types to a CD but in general I don’t think it works.
I think a software Burrrn will burn from FLAC files to a CD disc.The end result will be .cda.
It will definately work with .wav files.
ImgBurn is my prefered burner & works as is with .wav files but I’m not sure about FLAC files.
Burrrn can be a bit picky with Vista.You may need to make some additional settings if Vista is your OS.

Thanks cholla for that I had downloaded burrn was just waiting on what peoople thought I should do I do have vista so would you know what I have to change my settings to to get it to work?



The quirk with Burrrn isn’t consistent.I will explain it the best I can.
It may also depend on your burning drive because some people don’t have any problem.
So if you have a CD -RW to practice on you might give a test burn a try first.
For most burns I use ImgBurn as a first choice.
In Burrrn select settings. Then in General under writer you will see your drive & three checked boxes.If you have a problem leave only the Raw Driver checked.
The odd thing is after I do a test burn I can check the other two for those features & usually it works.Sometimes I can just leave them checked & no problem.