Burning music - quality vs. speed?


I’m (still) :eek: new to this and I hope you guys can help me with this question: is the quality of music reproduction (after burning - i.e. the copy) influenced by the burning speed? Or, what speed is recommended / ideal for burning music?
A guy in a computer shop told me the slower the speed, the better the quality of the reproduction… Is this strue? Seem a bit strange. Thanks.

I don’t know how it is now but with the early cdwriters , this is true , the slower that you had written your cd , the better the quality was.The cdwriter had to make little incisions into the cd .If you did this fast , the incisions weren’t deep enough so your cdplayer coud’nt read them very well.Now I have a 40 x but I still write my music cd’s at 4x , call me oldfashioned :).