Burning Music From Hard Drive

I am having heaps of trouble burning music from my Hard Drive to CD.
All appears well but when i play the Burnt CD, the music jumps from time to time. Like in the old days with record players and you jumped and made the needle skip.
For a long time i had no problems. Then all of a sudden it started. I would be listening to the CD. And it would skip in parts. Due to other reasons i replaced the burner and it still happened. My early disc still play okay, but all new ones skip.
So even with a new burner the problems continue. I use Nero and burn as CDA. I even tried Burn on and Deep burner. Nothing changed. All the music is LEGAL downloads from Bands web sites or Pure Volume. Songs that were on Disc that worked now skip when burned onto new disc.
ALL songs play fine on computer hard drive. I have tried different brand disc but no change. I am currently using SONY disc.
So can someone please help. I have hundreds of songs on my hard drive that i want to burn and get rid of.
Thank You.

We could use more information like the programs you used, the settings, the brand of media you used and the speed you burned at.

Sony discs work OK for me when I use them from time to time.

What speed are you burning these discs at, and what program are you using.

For a free and easy solution, I’d suggest burning the discs at 16x with Burrrn (freeware). :slight_smile:

If that doesn’t help, try looking online for CDR made in Japan by Taiyo Yuden.

Thanks for what you have given me so far.
I posted in Newbies because i don’t know all the terminolgy.
So if you can tell me where to click to find the info on Software/ Programs etc, then i will supply that information.
I had a Phillips DVD rom burner. It was burning fine. Then the problem started. I had other problems with the burner so i replaced it. I think it is something like a Lite Write DVD rom Burner.?? But the problem continued.
Suggesting that it might not be the DVD burner.
I have used Nero, Burn On and Deep Burner programs.
I have never fiddled with the speed, i think in Nero it says Maxium. It worked on that setting originaly.
If you can tell me how to get the other information, I will. Or how to change the speed.
I really don’t know too much.

Hi ELF, if you try Burrrn as I suggested, it’ll burn at 16x by default so no need to fiddle about with speed settings.

Reason I’m suggesting it, is it’s a lot simpler to use than Nero - just drag and drop your files into the Burrrn window.

As for Nero itself, I believe you can adjust the speed under the “Burn” tab of the “New Compilation” window. :wink:

Thanks for the info.
I have downloaded that Burrn programe. I will give it a try.
Thank You for the help. I really appreciate it.
All The Best.