Burning multitrack audio files

I need to save ginormous files (12GB is typical) to dvd-r. I record bands at whatever club they are playing at, up to 24 tracks of 24 bit/ 44k sample rate (around 500MB per track). I would like to burn the audio files from their folder on an xp box ( .wav) to dvd in the minimum amount of time. Could I burn 1-8 to dvd 1, 9-16 to dvd2 and 17-24 to dvd3 at the same time? That would keep it single layer, 4GB to each media. Or would it be better to go double layer? The band ends up with the DVD’s to stick it in their computer to mix it, so I need it to reliably read on pretty much any drive (within reason, I know about that guy with the pentium 2 ;-).

Stick with high quality, single layer DVD’s for reliable and compatible burns. Especially when giving the disks to customers. Taiyo Yuden and Verbatim make the best blank media around.

Thanks! What is the max speed you can burn at and still get solid files?

All burners will produce slightly different results at different speeds but you should get almost 100% reliable burns from 16x rated Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim DVDs burned at 12x or 8x. Avoid burning at 16x or higher, it will only be one or two mins faster and might results in lower quality burns.

Depending on your burner model, you should look at the burns users get with various media in this part of the forum: http://club.cdfreaks.com/f61/

Couple 'o minutes is no biggie. Still 20 minutes or so to do all the tracks, can I split the files up and run 3 burners at once? Thanks for the link to the review thread, looks like a lot of good info there.

You are very welcome.

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Burning multiple disks at once has always been an issue. I know with Nero Burning Rom it can easily be done if your burners are all the same make and model and you are burning the same data to all the drives. Otherwise, your hard disk will be your bottleneck with data. Unless you are using more that one hard disk, but even then depending on your burner setup etc, I bet you would have data transfer problems.