Burning multiple video files




Sibce I am first time here hope someone can help.
I have created 9 VOB files ready to burn on DVD.
Problem is that all VOB files have same name and when tried to put them all on one DVD with NERO EXpress have problem because Nero asking every file to be replaced with next one. Also I tried to rename VOB files but Nero doesn let me to do it. Regardless of what I shosed REPLACE or CANCEL have same message that compilation fail.
Some of the files are too small to be put on separate DVD disk.
Please, explain what I have to do to put all 9 files on same disk.


To simplify my problem,

When I created the DVD files to the hard drive, they have the same Video/Audio_ST folders (same name/files) for each DVD.
I used Nero/selected DVD video and… I’m stuck here! Because all the files i created have the same name and can not burn them all on same DVD because burning program (not only NERO but any) tried to overwrite file with next one because it’s have same name.
Please help.


what do you mean nero doesnt let you rename? just use windows explorer or whatever file manager you use and rename em , assuming their total size isnt bigger then the disc capacity theres no reason why it wont work , are you sure each of the VOBs have same file name? technicaly the only way for several files to have the same name is if each file will be in a seperate location , just saw your 2nd post now it makes sense


Hi SerbOz

I believe you’re talking about the problem I came across earlier. Please see my post if it helps with your questions: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=212435&highlight=multiple

FYI, TMPGEnc DVD Author solved my problem.


The way i do it is given in this thread