Burning Multiple TS_video folders?



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I am curious if it is possible to burn multiple TS_video folders onto 1 disc? I have been having trouble converting these TV episodes, and I have each episode separate with its own TS_video folder. How can I burn multiple folders within 1 project?

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There are a few ways to make a compilation, but the bottom line is that you can’t have more than one VIDEO_TS folder on a disc if you want to play it back on a standalone DVD player.

Could you list the Video Editing and DVD Authoring software that you already have? If you don’t yet have any; do you want a freeware solution (which may be difficult for someone new to DVD-Video), or are prepared to pay to get a somewhat easier route?


Yes that is what I was thinking (cannot have more than 1 VIDEO_TS folder on disc)…

I am using ConvertXtoDVD program, and have a Sony DRX-830U DL DVD/CD Rewriteable Drive.


I also have NeroVision Express, but I am tempted not to use it because I recently read on another forum that using NVE produces Audio/Video sync errors. However, that could be only in cases where you are transcoding the video; which I do not have to do. So can I use NeroVision Express and expect the audio/video to match? Its appears that making a compilation with Nero is quite easy…


Yes, you could try and use NVE as long as you are sure it isn’t going to transcode the titles again. Just because ConvertXtoDVD gives you the right folders doesn’t mean the content is DVD-Video compliant, even though it should be. I’m sure it’s worth a try though, and keep an eye on the time taken as an indicator of transcoding.

If you don’t need a menu for the finished compilation DVD, then you could make an ISO image of both VIDEO_TS folders using the ‘Build’ mode of ImgBurn, then use DVD Shrink to open both the new images successively, and drag the titles to a make a new compilation disc. Then that can be burned to a blank disc. Even though there won’t be a menu, the titles will be selectable from the DVD player’s handset ‘Title’ buttons.


I am unsure how to use NVE without transcoding the titles. Also, I do need a menu, which I think is making this more difficult for me. Thank you for your suggestion of using ImgBurn; can you help me find a similar way to do this, but with the option to edit a menu screen?

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I think the only way to tell with NVE is to see how long things take (Hours = transcoding).

My suggestion for the easiest way is to get a free one-month trial of Ulead’s DVD Movie Factory, which will allow the importation of VIDEO_TS folders from a hard drive, and add successive ones of these to a compilation. It is very easy to make a menu and the software contains a burning facility to get the finished DVD to disc.

There’s a freeware route using ImgBurn, DVD Decrypter, DVD Styler and then ImgBurn again to write to disc, but it isn’t as straightforward as the free trial of DVD Movie Factory. It all depends on how curious you are, or whether the job just needs to be done. :wink:


Thanks for your help! You are very good at what you do.


Hi, I hope that you are around today to help me once again :)*

I was able to download the free trial (a very large-sized free trial, too!) but could not install it until this morning. So, after installing it and playing around alittle, I am still having trouble selecting the option to import multiple folders. Are you familiar enough with the program to help me this far? Or do you know where I can find further assistance?

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OK this is the basic sequence of actions. You import the content of DVD folders (the files must be inside a folder labelled “VIDEO_TS”), one at a time.

[li]Fire up DVD Movie Factory[/li][li]‘Start Project’ and for 'Output Disc Type: Select ‘DVD’ button[/li][li]Hit ‘Next’…[/li][li]You see a set of dialogue boxes which you should follow as below. Between stages ‘2’ and ‘3’ there is a basic Windows file selection which I have omitted for clarity.[/li][li]Select the title of the DVD for import and off you go[/li][li]Repeat for the other DVD folder.[/li][/ol]


Check out this guide: http://www.dvdshrink.info/re-author-advanced.php


Thank you!!!


Ok, when I go to Import DVD-video from a disc or hard-drive I can only load 1 folder at a time. I see that you have noted each folder must be loaded one at a time, but once I load the first folder I press close to load the next folder. However, when I start the process over again and come to load the 2nd folder, the first folder is gone from the Import DVD menu. So how can I load multiple folders?


Do I have to create a folder named “VIDEO_TS” and place all of the files in that folder?


Assuming we are talking about the same scenario as in the first post, you have to have each TV episode in a separate VIDEO_TS folder on the hard drive. My example is unfortunately slightly different: in that there is more than one title in that VIDEO_TS folder, but in your case there should only be one. You just select the whole title by clicking in its little tick-box beside the word “title 0”.

After you have imported the first episode (by selecting its VIDEO_TS folder), and it appears at the bottom on the DVDMF window, then you start again at stage 1 (and select the second TV episode’s VIDEO_TS folder in the same way as the first; also clicking the title tick-box to import that).

After importing both, they should be visible as two separate videos on the bottom of the Movie Factory window.


Ok I seem to understand now. However my problem is that I cannot get the small thumbnail-preview to appear in the bottom, grey-scaled rectangle box. I select Import DVD-Video, then select the appropriate folder. Once I do that, a box appears for a 3-seconds that reads “Import DVD Initialization.” After it has loaded I get an “Import DVD” menu that identifies the video file. It even has “Title 0” at the top, along with the chapters underneath. I can even play the video file.
However, once I hit close, the video vanishes.


This does not have anything to do with me using a trial version, does it?


Ah, I see - so you don’t get a moving bar from left to right as the video is imported?

Edit: No, the trial version is full feature and only limited by time, so shouldn’t matter…


No I do get the moving bar, but it is only up for 5-7 seconds.

EDIT: It reads “Phrase DVD Content” as the indicator progresses to 100%.


OK I think I have it now: in my example above in post #10, for some reason the ‘Close’ button is highlighted. If you’ve got to the stage where you can play the video as a preview, then you need to press the ‘Import’ button instead…