Burning multiple ts_folders



Hi there,

this may be a stupid question but i cant seem to be able to burn a series that i have (3-4) chapters to a dvd. I started out with an avi file, then i converted them into dvd format, and now i am trying to fit them all into one dvd. Is that the best way/easiest to do this? Nero won’t recognize same video_ts folders for all the different chapters. How do i do this then?

Can i convert these avi into something easier that i can put it on the dvd? help! this is driving me crazy.


How did you convert them?

If you use NeroVision then you can add each of the avi files to the project & create a menu & NV will do the rest I believe. Never done it with NeroVision but that’s how it should work.


i used winAVIConverter…to convert the avi to dvd format.
so you’re saying i can burn avi directly into the dvd? i didn’t know you could do that.


I suppose in a way I am saying that. However, that’s not something I’d recommend.

NeroVision converts the avi files to DVD format with the menu etc. You select the output destination which can be the burner, image recorder or hard disk folder/files. This latter gives the Video_TS folder as you’re used to. This or the image recorder is my preference as any conversion error could waste a DVD otherwise and you then burn separately.

I think that NeroVision will be slower than WinAVI but does a decent job.


i dont have nerovision. is that a different product from regular NERO?


It’s normally part on Nero, could be you’ve got a very cut down OEM version that has just the Burning Rom and was supplied with your burner.


You have winavi,so you can try to use winavi burn DVD to disc.Just need to select VIDEO_TS folder for burn.