Burning multiple titles in nero



ok i have this series i want to burn in a 4.7DVD disk

Title : Densha Otoko
Resolution : 720x450
aspect ratio : 4:9
size : 400mb

all in all it has 11 episodes, but when i try to make a dvd movie using Nero 7, when i put the first episode, it consumed almost 2 Gig of the Disk. so im guessing if i change the its resolution, mayb i might compress all of this title in one dvd.

Can someone point me to the right thread, because i want to burn multiple titles in a DVD. not a Data disk but a media DVD. i tried many stuff, but i failed.


Nero Vision should automatically reduce the quality as you add more titles to the project, unless the quality is already at minimum. If you hold the mouse over the title on the Title page, it will show what video settings will be used to burn the DVD. You can also watch the graph to see if the amount used changes. I think the little dashed red line on the graph is at 4.38 GB, which should be the limit unless you overburn.


but i want to make a media dvd with menus and all. If i use Nero Vision, will it play on the majority of dvd players?