Burning multiple programs on a single cd

will there be any problem if i burn several images of programs (bin and cue) into one single cd? because some of my programs have a quite small size 20MB - 100MB any its a waste of cd if i burn each of them on a single cd.
if not what is the alternative?
thanks a lot!

Nero burning Rom.

Just burn it on a DATA CD or DVD and afterwards you can mount the images for easy usage by using Daemon Tools.

if they are all iso’s…Chef gave you good advice…:slight_smile:

oh so theres no issue in burning them in a single disk. oh another question, i cant seem to find out how to extract or rip my video using nero. can you guys help me out?

what type of video?

not all of the programs will be bootable from that disc, if that’s what you’re asking.

you can save all of the image files as data to the disc and then mount them on a virtual drive when you get to a computer, but putting 5 different bootable images onto a disc isn’t possible regardless of the size.

oh… sorry. thanks for taking the time to reply. appreciate it so much.:slight_smile: