Burning multiple movies

i have 4 wma files, all fairly small in size… enuf to all fit on disk. how do i go about putting them all on disk and have them play in order?

wma? thats a windows medi audio files and not video. Did mean wmv? If you want them to play in order just use a numbering scheme to name your files. e.g.

01 - my first file.wmv
02 - my second file.wmv
03 - my third file.wmv.

These will only work on your PC and not a DVD player (unless its wmv compatible). You need to convert them into mpeg and use something like nero to burn them

You can’t have multiple video sessions on a dvd. You can have a menu that points to those, or a button that plays them in the order you want.

Hi DKMurphies,

What you are asking for is an authoring software which will do what you are asking for. If you want To make the output compatible, use Tmpgenc fo making(encoding) the output files(mpeg1/2 depending on how good the Input is and what format i.e VCD/DVD you want, the wizard of Tmpgenc will be a great help in this regard). Then generate the Output VCD/SVCD with VcdEasy(there are still freeware versions available of this softwarre on the Internet( OR if you are inclined to go the DVD way then use an authoring software such as DVd Lab Pro( the full function Trial lasts 2 Weeks) to burn the Output to DVD with menus and everything(freeware the best option would be Ifo Edit, but pretty limited). Check the HELP of all these proggies as always. THEY are Good.

Hope this Helps.


Just checking but it is wmv I hope otherwise what you are doing is pretty pointless and almost forgot but you will require a Frameserver ( for wmv ) to feed into Tmpgenc or any other Encoder.

Hope this helps.