Burning multiple images into 1 dvd

i’m trying to fit 5 episodes into 1 dvd, each dvd contains 2 eps. I started by using dvd decrypter to make it a .iso then i used dvd shrink to read in my 3 images. Then used the reauthoring option to edit.

my question is, is there a better way out there to merge 3 iso’s? i found dvd shrink to be the easiest but the only downside for me is that each episode is automatically chaptered by dvd shrink. anything else out there that does the same thing as shrink but has the option to add chapters? i tried TMPGEnc but i don’t think it allows the option to read in multiple images.

any suggestions?

Have you looked into Nero Recode2 using the “compile” mode.

Having chapters is a plus. Apart from that you can use the “DVD Shrink Remote buttons” macro in PgcEdit to use the “title” key on your remote to jump between eps on a disc reauthored with Shrink.

BTW, if you’re so desperate to try another tool why not rip to files instead of ISOs?