Burning multiple game iso files to multiple disks

i am very close to completing the download part of the game files from rapidshare and i need some questions answered. the game is knights of the old republic 1 and the downloads were 100mb a piece the overall download for all the files is 2.6gb and the files are rar.

When i burn like 1/5 of the files to a disk and it wouldnt be the full 1st disk would it ask me for another disk or will it just stop there?

Is there any program that would be best for burning the game iso files?

Any advice for building and burning the iso files?

Would i just build up the files then burn them onto the disk?

thanks for any help

[QUOTE=ST33N;2130145]Any advice …?[/QUOTE]Yes: go buy the game and please don’t ask for help with illegally-distributed commercial software.

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