Burning multiple episodes using ConvertXtoDVD

Hi all:

I apologize if this is already out there but I can’t seem to find it. Are there set-by-step instructions in a manual of some sort so I can burn multiple episodes using ConvertXtoDvD? I’m really new to the DVD authoring world. I know how to convert one episode and burn it to DVD but would like to burn several to one DVD.

I really know much about the VS_TS files or anything like that. If anybody has suggestions for a website that has ste-by-step or if there is a guide on this site, it would be much appreciated!!! :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance guys!!

Hi there,

Here’s 1 guide here:


Should be plenty, then you should be able to use it like a PRO…

It’s pretty easy, has a nice easy interface.

In a few lines: (In the settings, set all your defaults)

Load all your files
Fix/set your menu values
hit CONVERT :clap:

Thanks! This is a great help. :slight_smile: