Burning multiple episodes on dvd

I hope this is the right place to put this, i’m new to the site, and semi-new to all of this.
For a little background i have episodes of seinfeld that i’ve recorded off my tivo, edited, converted and sitting in mpeg format on my hd. when i get all the episodes of a season i want to burn them onto a dvd, or multiple ones anyway, now i know how to do this and usually use VSO divxtoDVD to convert them to .ISOs and then use nero to burn them to disc. but i want it to look a little more professional and have a menu where i can chose what episode from given season, can anyone point me to a place where i can learn what program to use or can windows movie maker do this? i’ve heard you can’t put them onto dvd’s without spending alot of money on another program. i would like to do this for free or with programs i already have. thanks for any help in advance!