Burning Multiple DVDs (or not)?



I have a problem burning multiple DVDs & I don’t know if it’s a problem or not :slight_smile: So let me describe it and sombody may help:
I have ASUS P5B motherboard, Lite-On 16A7S and Pioneer111D burners and WD SATA2 HDD, 7200rpm, 16MB. OS is Windows Vista Business 32bit and NERO version

I tried burning multiple DVDs on 8x speed but read buffer is always down on one burning thread. I think it should work just fine. I spoke to a friend who has common P-ATA Drives and it’s working for him, on 12x and 16x speeds. OS is Vista with him.

Is it a hardware problem, software problem or this think cannot work unless I burn data from separate HDD’s?

Thanks in advance!!!


Not much experience with Vista yet, several problems but just starting to see some of them.

Are you running a dual core processor? If so, you might set task manager to watch both cores and see what is going on.

Hopefully the Vista business edition includes what you need to do your project.

You might post a NeroHistory log and remove your serial numbers. Maybe someone can see what is going on.

Vista did have some SATA issues early on, but I think they were fixed.

Vista also has a preformance monitor you can watch things like transfer speeds and internet speeds and such in the admin section.

You might also see if the below will help.


Yeap, I have C2D processor. Cpu usage is equaly separated to both cores, and is about 10%. I thing that’s not the deal.
It works when I burn from 2 separate HDDs. One from rack and one internal. I’m going to try some other burning software to see if it’s NERO.
Any solution is welcome!


HI I have a ‘common burn speed’ issue

I have a dell system set up with a NEC DVD+RW ND-2100AD and a NEC DVD_RW ND-3540a

I am using Nero 7 and I want to burn 2 dvds at the same time, but when I select the two burners, even with low speed selected it says they don’t have a common writ speed and then cancels.

I am not that geeky, so any suggestions here?