Burning Multiple DVD titles to DVD R

Help. What I’m trying to do is burn two or three sets of dvd titles to a dvd r. I’ve used software called winavi converter to convert mpeg files to dvd format. Using this software It always generates 5 files for each mpeg original


When I try and copy just one set of these five files with nero it works fine and will play on my standalone dvd playerr but how do you get two or three of these converted mpegs onto the dvd as they all have the same names as above?

I hope you know what I mean and can help

Apologies for posting this in the Nero forum but I got no help there


you have to “author” them with an app like Nero Vision Express or TMPG dvd author or something comperable.These apps will join everything together then they will be suitable to burn.

You can use dvd shrink to do this, but you are probably going to lose some quality.

Instead of using Winavi, just import your mpegs into dvdlab.
Each one get’s a separate menu link.
Author and burn.
If your mpegs are too large to fit, you’ll have to re-encode them to a lower bitrate, losing quality.


I dont want to shrink them just want to fit threee separate converted mpegs onto one dvdr (I know they will fit)

What is the workaround for all the file names though as each time WINAViI converts them it produces five files all of the same name

I can get one of these converted mpegs onto dvd easily I just want to get the other ones on


Rename them.

I’ve tried but however I rename them I cant burn them in Nero as it says that the resulting renamed files are non compliant files. How should I be renaming these files??

I’d start all over.
Rip the mpegs out of the .vobs.
Import into dvdlab and author, then burn with Nero.
I think there’s a way to turn off compliancy check in Nero, but if you do that, the dvd may not play (properly).
Winavi doesn’t produce mpegs, it produces the dvd compliant file structure.
You can only (legally) burn one compliant structure to one dvdr.
Go back a step (stop using Winavi’s crap) or have it output mpeg (if it can).
You need an encoder that put’s out mpegs, not .vobs
You can then author them in Nero (if you insist).
DVDLab or Tmpgenc DVD Author will do a much better job with menus, chapters, and such, especially with multiple titles.

Right then. First odf all thanks very much for your help but I have a few questions

Firstly I still have my original files in either mpeg or avi formats

Am I right in thinking then that DVD Lab will convert my avi files to a compliant dvd structure while I am able to just author the existing mpegs without any conversion?

I’m slightly confused as you can probably tell

When I want to make 2 DVDs to 1 DVD-R I use Nero Recode, and then select “Remake a DVD”, I then add the main title from each movie, drag them up or down for what order I want them in, then they work fine :slight_smile:

Ben :slight_smile:

DVDLab is not an encoder. It is for authoring (taking compliant video and audio streams, and making the correct dvd files and folders (Video_TS, Audio_TS, with .vobs, etc.)
Encode all video to dvd spec with a good encoder.
Load encoded mpegs into dvdlab.
Burn with Nero.
Using the WinAVI, it outputs dvd compliant structure, not what you want if you need more than one mpeg per dvdr.
Nero Recode works fine, if your video is already dvd compliant mpeg-2.
This guide is probably the best for beginners: http://members.dodo.net.au/~jimmalenko/AVI2DVD.htm