Burning Multiple DVD titles to DVD R

Hell. What I’m trying to do is burn two or three sets of dvd titles to a dvd r. I’ve used software called winavi converter to convert files to dvd format. Using this software It always generates 5 files


When I try and copy just one set of these five files with nero it works fine but how do you get two or three of these onto the dvd as they all have the same name?

I hope you know what I mean and can help


Those files are part of the DVD structure,in the same way you need 4 doors,and 4 wheels,and one roof to make a sedan. Hope this helps you…:slight_smile:

When you add more dvd structures,those parts are repeated,although they are different files,they look the same because a dvd requires certain types of files…:slight_smile:

Create folders named “movie one”, “movie two” etc. In each of these folders, create a folder named “video_ts”. Take your DVD files (.bup,.ifo,.vob) and put them in the appropriate “video_ts” folders. Keep the titles separated!

Recode 2 will allow you to import these files. Choose “remake a dvd”, select “import titles” , navigate to the folders you named “movie one” and such, and you will be pesented with the titles you created. You can then use this method to put them all on one DVD; even if the files you made need to be compressed to fit.

This method doesn’t let you keep working menus, however. But it didn’t sound like you needed them.