Burning multiple copies

Hi a friend of mine has a business whereby he videos weddings and parties etc now after editting these he puts those onto dvd - now sometimes he gets orders for around 100 or so copies of those - so the problem is that after installing a second burner into the machine nero only allows you to select one or the other

is there any software which allows us to make two instances of the same disc thereby cutting down the time required to make these copies

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Actually nero do allow to use multiple burners

What version of nero do you have and what burners?

If your friend is making that many copies at a time, he should really look into a multi drive duplicator. They can burn up to 4 copies at once with ease.

thanks for all the replies - i have actually been told about that option at another forum - im gonna go and check out his version of nero - but he has a lg4163 and an lg 4167 so he has already purchased the burners

if the nero thing doesnt work out im gonna look at discjuggler as suggested elsewhere - has anyone used this software - will it work for dvd - cos i think the nero method works for cd’s but may be problematic for dvd’s but im gonna have to play around with it to find out

What version of nero is that and under what menu item! I can’t seem to locate that on 6!

Right now is version (because I restored an old ghost image… I’ll do all necessary upgrades soon :wink: ). That screenshot was taken from

That option is after pressing the “burn” button

dual burning is best done at 4x with drives on seperate controllers and only supported
with the full version of nero.
For mass production I would use 3-4 computers and burn at 8x, at 5 disks an hour(per computer), it’ll take a day to do.

Thanks! I will definately give that a try!

I don’t know your friends budget, but he may be better off hooking up with a printing company locally, and use them for the mass duplication of his dvd project. At 100 pcs, he may well be better off as the prices can be very reasonable, and he’s got some assurance that bad burns will be replaced out of thier pocket, not his.

While the hardware / software / media is not terribly expensive, the time and wear and tear, coasters etc. can add up.

He could prestent it as a regular package of 2 garunteed from him…up to 3/5 (whaterver) at a per price from him at x amount of dollars, or…for a larger order, great, her is my price for me to have the larger order ran from my vendor.:slight_smile:

well we have got nero working now since he origionally had the express versions which came with the burners - it seems to be working with the retail version which he has purchased which was a good idea since now he has nero 7

only thing is its helluva slow - around 40 minutes to do the two discs - now the mobo that he has , has only got one ide channel thus both burners are on one ide cable - could that be causing the slowdown - could adding a raid card and using seperate cables speed things up

this is why another suggested multiple puter and I suggested farming it out…:slight_smile:

100 disks at 3$ disk (300$ - 35$ disks )/8 hrs = 30$/ hour and change

wouldn’t take too long to pay for some computers

yeah, honestly the only time i’d trust simltaneous burning is if the burners were on separate IDE controllers.

it would be just as fast (and probably better quality burns) to do them one at a time if you honly have 1 controller. you’re basically sending twice as much information through one channel and it therefore takes twice as long to do.

even on seperate controllers at 8x I have found it took a minute or so longer

this is commercial duplication…as part of maintaining a business…buy a duplication tower if your friend is not going to farm it out,you cand findlinks to such a critter here…they come in a variety of burners by number + one source drive. :). Cost is an issue, but if wants the liability, the tower costs less than 3 pc’s with legally installed software to master/copy a disc on a hundred piece run…:slight_smile:

thanks zigzagman - but ive tested the setup on my machine - 4800+ with asus a8n32 sli deluxe - and even with my 512meg ram(im waiting for my 2 x 1 gig sticks) it works perfect on the seperate ide channels - does a 4.3gig burn in under 9 minutes - so i think that the raid card in his pc should do the trick

the raid card is going to be the cheapest way to add ide channels and it will perform his required function - thanks for the help everyone it is much appreciated

as the business starts to pay for itself he will off course look at the standalone burner option - so we are not dismissing that suggestion by any means

Be aware: usually RAID cards aren’t able to manage correctly ATAPI protocols. This is because these cards are made for hard discs, and not for optical devices.

If you buy a RAID controller, you should connect to the controller only HD, not optical devices. A controller is a good choice to leave IDE channels on mainboard only for optical devices.

never said you couldn’t do it, pc based…:slight_smile:

Just an old man that has expereinced some DIY headaches…:slight_smile: Either way, good luck hope it works for your friend…:slight_smile:

@geno by the time they are done…they will have spent more than a legit duplication tower, assuming legal software to burn with…:slight_smile: