Burning Multiple CD's

Is it normal for a burning package to slow down the burn speed when burning to multiple drives?

I’ve used Nero6 and burned .nrg images to 4 NEC3550a drives at the same time. Says it’s burning at 48X which is probably not true. Even so it takes about 3 minutes to burn 4 CD’s at once.

Now I’m trying top burn an .IMG file using a different package and it wants to run at 8x and it still make coasters every now and then. Takes 12 minutes to make 4 CD’s. Painfully slow.

My burning PC is respectable for the task. AMD 1.2, 512MB Ram, Plenty of free disk space. The memory is clean. I dont have anything running in the background. This is a dedicated PC and not used for anything else.

I would expect it to burn these .img files to 4 drives at least 1/2 as fast as Nero. If not the same speed.

What have you found when burning cd’s to multiple drives?

Mike Mattera