Burning multiple CD's at one time (not duplication)

Please forgive me if I’m posting this in the wrong forum.

I am looking for the capability of burning multiple discs (each containing different content) at one time.

Since I am dealing with dissimilar disc contents, I do not believe a typical CD duplicator will meet my needs.

I was thinking it might be possible to purchase several external (USB 2.0 or firewire) cd writers and use one PC to operate them at once. However, I don’t think I’ve ever seen any software allowing multiple concurrent disc writing sessions.

Has anyone ever attempted this feat? Any ideas or suggestions or links?


I have tried this feature in my current PC perhaps 2 times and it worked.
Although it takes up quite a lot system resources to do so, I was able to run 3 different burning programs to burn 3 discs at the same time (2 on the fly and one image from hard disk to CD).

Haven’t seen a program that is able to do so in one run, but it is possible to have a single program run in multiple instances (3 Nero windows for example). Due to the claim on system resources I am not sure whether this is time effective, because I feel that burnproof is activated several times to load the buffer…but I haven’t really tested that.

Hmm. I was afraid of that – the huge drain on system cycles, that is.

I did some additional browsing and found a commercial application called “DiskJuggler,” I believe. However, it can get rather pricey depending on your license requirements.

I wonder if anyone manufactures a cd burner with built-in buffer memory and processing? If something like that were availabe, one could send “burn jobs” to a selected burner on a network in much the same way as print jobs are queued and buffered. But alas, I may be dreaming.

Thanks for the thoughts!

Alcohol 120% supports multiple instances, if i remeber right, and should as sutch also be able to burn simultaniues on different devices, with different images… You will however need a blasing fast storage unit for images, and i wouldent try to burn on the fly from a different device. One way would offcourse be to burn slower, and thus relax the demands of the storage drives… Just make sure all devices have there own dedicated channel while working, aka, not share the one burner, and the storage unit on one Pata, and have the second burner, and the system drive on the other cable.

Actually it sounds like the best solution is a fairly expencive thing with scsi devices.
Best of luck.