Burning Multiple CD's at once, is it possible?



Okay so here’s the deal, I need to set up a computer to copy the same stuff (audio) to over 100 CD’s at a time. Is there a way to connect between 2-4 CD Burners together so that one burn command will automatically burn to all 2-4 Burners?

Alternatively is there some software that can do this through the normal setup?

Just 2 would half the time, more than 4 would become just as complicated changing CD’s over.


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  1. Does Nero support writing to more than one recorder at a time?

Use the following link and download the PDF file* that explains you step by step how to “write to multiple recorders”: Create a data CD

* With OEM versions you can only write to one recorder.
* With Nero demo and retail versions you can write to four

If you want to burn on more than 4 recorders at the same time, you can use one of our following products:

* Nero 6 max. 7 recoders will support 7 writers (as download version for example US$ 249).


* Nero 6 max. 32 recoders will support 32 writers (as download version for example US$ 499).


Get a CD/DVD duplicator.


with 3 burning drives in 2 computers i did 19 discs in lright around an hour and that was at 8x :slight_smile: