Burning multiple avi to a duel layer



I would like to burn multiple avi files to a duel layer disk using a duel layer drive.
Example: 28 x avi file 22 mins long = wont fit to normal dvdr 5 blank,want to convert avi so i can fit and burn to a duel layer disk.
i dont have a mac ,my burning drive suports duel layer burning,would like to be able to view on a standalone dvd player after burn to duel layer disk.
Any help or pointers here would be gratefully accepted.
Thanks for your time people.

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If your standalone dvd player can handle avi files, then all you have to do is burn them to the dual layer disk as data. Your player should show you a list of avi files on the disk and let you choose which one to play.

Normally you would want the avi files encoded with divx or xvid codec for best compatibility with those players that can handle avi files. And they cannot exceed resolution limits of the player…so no larger than 720x480 for an NTSC player or 720x576 for PAL.

So, does your player support divx avi files? Have you done this on single layer dvds already?

I cannot predict whether your standalone player will be able to play dual layer disks. Most can do this with no problems. Some are rather picky. Get the best quality dual layer disks and don’t burn them at top speed.

By the way, the only dual layer disks reliable enough for me to recommend are sold under the Verbatim brand. Burn them at 4x.


Is your standalone able to read AVI files?

If not, I seriously doubt that you can store 28 movies on a single disc, even a dual layer.

If your standalone is able to read AVI files, then you only need to create a regular data disc with any burning software you like (I suggest ImgBurn), and no conversion is necessary.

EDIT… aargh this time it was me to be too slow :sad:


Yes i can confirm my dvd standalone player can play dvx/avi ,but the avi files i mentioned as examples are roughly 22 mins each.
Burning to duel layer capabilities shouldnt be a problem really …should it ?? I think my problem may lie in conversion to duel layer depending on sofware …???
Just i tried a friends dvd player and it displayed " Not surported format" …yet it plays fine on p.c …im not trying to play usa format on a pal player …but would like a straight forward conversion program.


There is no conversion necessary if the divx/xvid files play on your standalone player. They should work on single or dual layer dvds, the only major difference between the two types of disks (in this scenario) is their capacity.

But as I said, some players are picky about recognizing DL media that you burn.

Any modern dvd burner will automatically bitset the +R DL disks to make them appear to be dvd-rom…like a commercially made dvd. Which burner are you using and are you using Verbatim DL media?


well honestly unless you got money to burn… it would be wiser to just burn those .AVI files to single layer discs since it’s alot cheaper.

to me it dont make much sense to use dual-layer media over single-layer media if your just playing .avi files.

p.s. in my opinion using DL media in general aint really worth it unless you have to use it (i.e. for XBox360 backup’s… or if you want a 1:1 copy of a movie etc)