Burning multible cds to dvd

Your search function isnt working at this time, but I am curious to know if there is a tutorial on the method of copying a multible game cds onto a dvd and have it install off the dvd?
Any help would be appreciated. :confused:

Hi pinball,

That entirely depends on the cd’s and if you want to actually use them as intended. I assume it’s some sort of game with 4 or so cd-roms.

See, if all those cd’s have a file called something like “data.dat”, you can’t put that file on the dvd four times.

If all those cd’s have completely different files AND the game executable itself doesn’t matter where the file is as long it is somewhere you standa good chance.

It is , of course, no problem to make four maps (cd 1, cd 2, etc) on the dvd and burn all the contents in the assinged maps. However, executing the game will not work.