Burning MPEG To DVD/Nero/Low Quality

I just purchased a Cannon FS11 SD Video Camera. When the camera is directly plugged into the TV my videos are good quality. However, when I burn them to DVD using Nero 7 there is a noticable difference in quality. When I watch the DVD it seems more faded and jumpy in some spots. I tried burning with best quality but that didn’t change.

Has anyone got any ideas? I was under the assumption that when you burned DVD’s that the quality would be equal to what you watch on your PC or when the camera is plugged into the TV? Could it be the DVD player?

Thank you for any help.

Its more likely something that Nero is doing with the video. Nero has a reputation for reencoding when not necessary.

You should try one of the programs that is actually meant for mpeg2 editing. Your Canon produces mpeg2 .mod files, and you should be able to import them into something like Corel VideoStudio X2 or Womble Mpeg Video Wizard DVD to edit and author to dvd format. There are many better editing programs than Nero, so take a look at those two, and also Adobe Premiere Elements. All of those programs have trials you can download to test them with your videos.

If you are shooting in 16:9 format, you might want to look through this guide for renaming the .mod files to mpeg2: http://www.masternewmedia.org/news/2008/06/12/how_to_convert_mod_video.htm