Burning MPEG-2 files to Blu-Ray




What software is good for burning m2ts files to BluRay 25GB so it can play on home BluRay Player?



Hmm, Imgburn using UDF 2.5 file system?



What is UDF 2.5? From IMGBurn’s interface it looks like I cannot create a playable BluRay from a m2ts file. A friend said I need video authoring software. Nero 9 has that ability but they want more money. I’m not happy with nero 9 as it is, why throw more $ at it.



Run the m2ts file through tsmuxer and select blu-ray as the output, burn the output files with Imgburn. Google UDF 2.5, it’s what you need for blu-ray.


Got it, Thanks.


You’re welcome. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: