Burning MPC Files

I have received some MPC files and I would like to burn them to a CD, but it will not let me. Is there anyway I can burn these, or convert them to a burnable format? :doh:

Do you want to burn the MPC CD to play on your computer or burn a Audio CD from your MPCs to play in your car stereo?

Answer this and we’ll take it up from there…

Also can you please explain more as to what exactly happens when you burn?

I want to burn an Audio CD that will play in most CD players, portable, car stereos, and boom boxes. What happens is when I drag and drop or try to add the files, Nero says it doesn’t recognize the file.

Download MPC decoder from here:


  1. Decode the MPC files to WAV files.
  2. In Nero choose New->Audio CD and drag drop the WAV files

Tip: You can use the batch encoder frontend to do several files at once :slight_smile:

Nero can burn MPC files directly to an audio CD with the proper plug-in.
Simply download the MusePack plug-in for Nero and you will be able to burn MPC files exactly as you burn MP3s.

If you would like to convert the MPC file to MP3s for archiving you can use MPC2MP3 or MPCxChange.
Both are available in the Rarewares section over at Hydrogen Audio.

Or I’m sure they can be handled by my favorite audio CD burner, Burrrn.

I’d use burrrn. I’ve recommended it before. Drag and drop. File conversion done with one click. Supports most codecs.


WOWZ got beat by a minute. :bigsmile:

Thank you all very much, I will look into all these possible solutions. :slight_smile: I will also try out “Burrrn” because I am always interested in new software.