Burning MP3's



I have a liteon 48speed cdrom and an Aopen drw4624 at work… In a Dell xpsR350, 256Mb Ram (a bit old -sorry) and I am running Nero on w2k pro.

I can’t get MP3’s to burn onto CDr without loads of jittering, even burning at 1 speed …:mad: any ideas???


Have you tried the upgrade to version
And what if you select image recorder first, thus creating an image on your harddrive?

Or jitter correction on/off (opposite of what you have now)?

Another thing you could try is selecting the disk_out plugin in WinAmp, have the MP3 files extracted to *.wav files on your harddrive and then burn these *.wav files with Nero…perhaps this help.


i’ve tried all the above, I think now is a new time to ask the boss for a new PC!! maybee I don’t have enough processor power… who knows…:mad:


Have you tried another burning prg??
mp|3 posted astory on specialy for mp3 on the news site look in the archive for it. but the most new burning prg can burn mp3 straight to audio.
suc6 with it


How can you get jittering from burning???
I don’t get it…