Burning Mp3s with Crossfade

Ok - to this day I still haven’t figured out why no one has released this, but maybe I’m just missing it. If you play music back in WinAmp 3 with the Crossfade function on, WinAmp does a decent job of detecting when one song fades out and another fades in. While this is great for listening whilest on your box, I’d like to be able to burn CDs like this. Yes, I could simply output the files as WAV files out of Winamp, but quite frankly, shouldn’t need to. This should be something so basic at this point that there has GOT to be some CDburning software out there that does it. Any ideas?

Ever noticed that Nero has such option?

Nero has the option to turn crossfading on yes - but not automatic crossfading - you must tell it how many seconds between each fade - which is not what I want. I want something that will listen to each track, determine where the CrossFade goes, and the speed at whcih is will start and slow.

same problem here…