Burning mp3s to DVD using Nero

I have burnt mp3s onto CDRs and played them fine on my new DVD player, also I’ve burnt films fine. I tried using one of the ISO disk project modes, or something, to make a compilation of MP3s on a DVD, but my DVD wouldn’t accept that. So, I assumed I may be able to create a DVD Video project and simply put all my mp3 folders into the Audio folder of the DVD. However, the burn icon is shaded and it won;t let me burn the complilation like that. Is there something you need to do to make this work, such as encoding the mp3s whatever that means, or do I need to use a specific project type which I haven’t tried? I’m not sure exactly which project type I tried which didn’t work originally on my player, but there are quite a few and I’m not sure which is which. I’ve made a big project and I don’t really want to have to scrap it if I don’t have to as I edited each folder within Nero rather than outside of it.

If your dvd player is able to read mp3 files, you can burn a “data” dvd putting all mp3 files on it.

If you want to create an “audio DVD”, I don’t know how, sorry :frowning:

You’ll also need a dvdplayer which supports reading mp3 DVDs.

Some do , some don’t.

Just because it plays MP3 CDs doesn’t mean it’ll play MP3 DVDs.

If you used the same method to create an MP3 DVD as you did with an MP3 CD & your player doesn’t work with it would suggest that yours is in the “some don’t” category.

Hi Tim :slight_smile:

Do you mean that also a data DVD containing mp3 files could not be played by a standalone able to read data CD with mp3 files? I ask because (sorry :o ) I’m too lazy to do a test with my two standalones

Yes that’s what I mean you lazy so & so. :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

Thanks for the clarification :bigsmile:

Yeah that’s what i’ve meant.