Burning mp3

I recently purchased a vehicle with the capability of playing mp3’s. I have iTunes and burned some songs on a CD. I am told that there is software that will allow me to put many songs on a CD in mp3 format, and I can put the songs in different folders. Apparently iTunes will only place the songs in a root directory. My question is, what are the best/easiest software programs to place my music in different folders? Are there any free software programs. I am looking a program called mp3tag that talks about “tagging” mp3’s…is tagging what I am wanting to do. Sorry I am new to mp3’s and the terminology. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

You can burn MP3s as ‘Data’ and put a full 700 MB on a standard CD. That’s as much as 10 hours or so. The main drawback of that is they will be in alphabetical order. I get around that by using WinAmp as my player and a WinAmp plug-in called ‘Playlist Unpacker’ that will make a copy of the songs in my playlist adding 'PL001, PL002, …, PLxxx to the beginning. I use ImgBurn to burn the data CD from the processed playlist copy. I don’t bother with folders but can keep albums in proper sequence this way. There are probably other programs that can do this, I just use what I’m used to. Hope this helps, and welcome to the forum.

Not sure if that will help or not. I will try that and see what happens. I do appreciate the info however and thanks for the welcome as well

What I am looking for is a program that will allow me to burn 150 songs (or so) in mp3 format to a disk and arrange them in different folders, such as “My music” “wifes’ music” "daughter’s music
The only time I would listen to these would be when I am in my vehicle, so using winamp won’t help, I don’t think.

Does your vehicle’s CD player support MP3 playback?..If it does, use a good/decent burning app to create/burn a [B]DATA[/B] disc from your MP3s…
BurnAware, CDBurner XP, Imgburn, etc…