Burning mp3 with nero..how?



I have nero and this is my first time trying to make an mp3 cd.

here is what i am doing

1: open nero express
2:click music then mp3 disc
3:click on add then go to the music files i want that are already on my pc
4: add all the songs I want-to about 625 mb
5: click finished
6: then next
7. insert my cd-r blank cd
8:change writing speed from 24 to 8x
9:click burn

error message almost instantaneously

! HL-DT-St-Cd-RW GCE-8240B
buffer underrub protection activated

red (x) 5:19:45 PM Joilet names of these files listed here in iso-l3 are the same


red (x) preparation of iso9660 structures failed

now what I gathered from that is that it is detecting 2 files that are the same…so i go back and delete any files that are the same.

had 2 files that were named lil homies deleted them both and tried again

still getting a similar error

what am i doing wrong?



Sounds like you have files with long filenames, that when shortened will get the same name.
To get around it, try to open Nero, not express, and on the “ISO” tab in the burn disc dialogue, select
File name length : “Max 31 Characthers (Level 2)”
Format: Mode 1
And you can tick “relax joliet restrictions”, as well as longer path than 255, etc, if that should be a problem.

It has been some time since I have studied this, I have the feeling Im forgetting something, but Im not sure what, if I was, I would write it. :slight_smile:
Hope this helps though.