Burning .mp3 with .cue file

Hi there,

I have a little question.

every week I download a liveset of Armin van Buuren, which is about 2 hours. I want to to burn this file on a cd as .mp3, but i also want to have the option to skipp the tracks…

Is it possable to burn this mp3 file, with the .cue file as an mp3 cd? If its possable, can you please explain how?

PS: Sorry for me BAD English :o

Generally you burn mp3 files as data onto cds. Skipping through them would be a function of your particular player that is compatible with mp3 files on a disc.

If you want to make the disc into a specific format called audio cd (designed to play on any cd player), you make a cue file from the list of mp3 files then burn the cue file.

At 2 hours, it’s too long to burn as Audio withe cue track splitting.

So if whatever is going to play it as MP3 cannot use MP3/CUE, the only other option is to split it into a sequence of a file per track.