Burning mp3 to cd audio problem

I am trying to burn short clips of songs I have on a casette unto a cd to take to a music store so they can tell me names/artists of the songs, I ripped only a minute or so of each track in mp3 format into the pc and then tried to burn those mp3’s unto a cdr in cd-audio format but for some reason it doesn’t work, when I burn in Audio format and try to playback there’s no sound, when I check the properties of the files, in mp3 format they read around 1mb and wafter burning in Audio format they read 1kb, I tried burning using both Musicmatch and Nero, any ideas what’s going on here anyone? Is it becuase the clips are so short that this may be the reason why it won’t burn in Audio format?

Try using Burrrn - that might work :slight_smile:

If not, as you say, the clips may be too short. Try making them a bit longer.

Just tried Burrrn, didn’t work, might as well record the whole damn tape since I won’t know how short is too short for the clips.

Try snipping them at about the 1 minute mark. I have a few very short tracks on albums (some even less than 1min) which burn great.

The time on each of the these files are between 60-90 seconds, which program do you use to burn? Maybe I can try that?

Nero 7 or Burrrn, that’s why I can’t understand why yours arent working.

Let me just take a look on my HDD and see what the file size is for one of my short tracks…

Edit: OK, I have a short mp3 here (running time: 34 seconds) which I ripped from the original CD at 256kbps. I know that Burrrn will burn that mp3 to CD, as I’ve tried it. The filesize is 1.06MB if that helps.

Yeah that’s what I am reading too but got it to work finally and don’t know why, I guess it wasn’t a burning issue, looks like it was a “read” problem, oh well, it’s working now, thanks.

You’re welcome, glad it decided to work :slight_smile: